Founded by Alex Jimenez and Maika Cruz-de Jesus, Sandy Cheeks is a swimwear brand that’s based and manufactured in the Philippines.

Sandy Cheeks offers more than just garments - they offer a change in mindset. With the brand’s core values and ethos revolving around inclusivity, positivity and empowerment, they have been strongly advocating for women since 2015. By having a brand identity that is genuine and relatable, Sandy was able to capture a market that has been alienated by the impossible standards of media - the real women of today. Sandy Cheeks offers diverse silhouettes for every body type as well as a wide range of color ways for various skin tones, all while still keeping in mind that each piece should be photogenic enough in this age of social media. Every suit is designed based on real conversations with the consumers. As they open up and share their main areas of concern, the brand made sure that their insecurities are both literally and figuratively covered.

Through thoughtful campaigns, Sandy made sure that every woman is well represented. Over the years, as Sandy Cheeks’ consumers see themselves finally being wholly accepted online, they have organically built a sisterhood offline.

The brand aims to widen its reach globally and completely redefine the preconceived image of how and what a woman should be, one swimsuit at a time.