The New Sandy

Suited for making waves.

Founded by Alex Jimenez-Lorenzo and Maika Cruz-De Jesus in 2015, Sandy Cheeks began by offering swimwear for every body type, in colors to complement different skin tones. It has grown to a fashion and lifestyle brand for the imperfect girl with the perfect adventure in mind, and the confidence to pull it off.

At the core of Sandy Cheek’s identity is the belief that a swimsuit should never be a stress point for any girl — be it before, during and after a trip. On the contrary, with the right suit - the fun has already begun. Sandy Cheeks pieces have become a part of the moments that mattered — long weekends, vacations, reunions, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, and everything in-between.

Fast forward to today, the new Sandy Cheeks is opening up a bright new world where you can keep loving yourself, even better.

It is about living the life you love and loving the life you live. More than ever, there is power in your freedom to be as you are, to do as you wish, with the body that you have. You have the power to break self-doubt; to just go for that crazy idea, get your feet wet, and make a splash —in the beach, in business, or in your own backyard. And Sandy will always have that one piece (or five?) that will make you feel invincible.

The new Sandy is done chasing unrealistic targets. We are investing time and energy in creating and connecting with you. Every Sandy Cheeks piece is now made-to-order, within a reasonable time. By waiting patiently with us, please know that no fabric will be wasted and no machine will be running uselessly. Things we can re-purpose will go back to making the Sandy Cheeks experience even better.

The new Sandy is past running after trends. We like to keep it real but special. Our timeless styles and essential pieces will see you from beach to street, work desk to rooftop pool, this summer to the next. Oh, and our signature ruffles, little bows, quirky details, and pops of color? Never not happening.

Lastly — Sandy Cheeks is 100% behind YOU AS YOU ARE, always reminding you that your dreams fit you perfectly, and you are suited for making waves.